What To Expect During OTR Training

phase 6

Knowing what to bring with you

  • The main essentials, of course, are shoes, clothes, and hygiene products. Having waterproof tough boots may be considered a must as well as you are outside in many different weather conditions. Packing food and foods to snack on can help you with not stopping as much.  Check out more things to bring and NOT to bring by watching the video below.

WATCH: Over the Road Training Told By Trucker Chad

In a situation where you may be a guest in someone else's house;

  • Respecting the owners' wishes and boundaries while being a guest in someone's house is the most important. They most likely are letting you stay there for free and the best way to thank them is to respect their property and wishes. This means; do not leave a mess, don't mess with or break anything, do not eat any of their food unless they offer it, do not be loud when they head to bed, etc. Plus more, but most are common courtesy! 

Time spent OTR with your trainer;

  • OTR with a trainer at most companies only lasts about 2 weeks depending on how well you do. Once you are done with the time OTR with your trainer, you will be upgraded to a 1st seat driver.

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