Reviews About Missouri Truck Driving School

Looking for reviews about truck driving school in Missouri? Read the reviews below from CDL school students who have been through the Driver Solutions training program. Each unique review shares highlights from their time spent in truck driving school. Read these reviews and apply today! 

“The entire experience was one I’m glad I had. There were a few instructors that I feel like really were instrumental to my success, being Erik, Brenda, and Micheal. There are some policies that could use some work, such as the being beside your instructor all of the time, and jumping around on the maneuvers. I understand not everyone learns the same way I do, but I learn one step at a time, and better when I can keep a consistent viewpoint. Even with the minor hindrances, I was able to pass my testing in my first test sequence, and wouldn’t have been able to without the training that C1 provided. I’d definitely recommend them to new drivers.” - Dice W.

“ISchool was great. I was trying to do this on my own and just wasn't getting anywhere. I learned a great deal more than I imagined. All the instructors were great, but if any stood out, they were Austin and Brenda." - Paul C.

“Well, I want to start by saying that C1 truck driver training school was very helpful for me. I would not have been able to get this far without them. One instructor that really stood out to me was a guy named Derek. I'm not sure what his last name is, but he was absolutely amazing at his job. He is an amazing instructor and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to get their CDL. C1 is overall a very good school.” - Clayton W.

“Overall I had a great experience. I believe the 2 members that helped me throughout this process, Brian and Tonya, really did a great job. Tonya was very helpful, she answered all questions in a timely manner, and she does care for those of us who are starting out in this career.” - Jose B.

“Great school in Strafford, Missouri; the training was great. Joe Brown and Brenda, they are the best.” - Michael Y.

"Let me start off by saying thank you for the chance you gave me and my fellow classmates. Your trainer Big Joe made me the driver I am today, and I will be one of the best along with my fellow classmates. I want to speak for my classmates, but I'm only one person so I can't, but I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you.... Thank you for your entire staff; for the office staff to the yard. Each and every one of them played a big part in getting each and every one of us in and out, but not all could walk away with both hats... I was one of the lucky ones. Thanks!!!.” - Benjamin T.

“My experience with the school was great, all the staff were really outgoing, and willing to work with anyone. But there is one person that helped a lot, and his name is Joe. He’s a really cool person and he just makes sure you’re calm, and doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed on how to drive in training. He’s a great teacher and definitely knows what he’s doing, and showed all us students the proper way to do things!!!” - Michael W.


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