Reviews About Indiana Truck Driving School

Looking for reviews about truck driving school in Indiana? Read the reviews below from CDL school students who have been through the Driver Solutions training program. Each unique review shares highlights from their time spent in truck driving school. Read these reviews and apply today!

“Superb, I couldn't ask for a better school. I had to work with an excellent ransom instructors and they taught really well!!” - Dawt C.

“The training was thorough and worked out well for me. Brad did a great job getting us ready for our first experience with the trucks. Travis and Dave did excellent jobs helping me fine-tune my driving skills. Dion, Josh, and the other range instructors also helped prepare me fully for parking manuvering and for being on the road. Walter and the other office staff were very supportive. All in all it was a good experience." - Scott W.

“CI really enjoyed CDL Training. Driver Solutions and C1 made it very fast paced and simple to obtain the knowledge I needed graduate. The hotel I stayed at was a decent place, they made sure to make students comfortable and it was reasonably close to the school. One instructor that stood out the most to me at C1 was Kenn. He was very helpful and taught in a manner so that the information would be retained. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for the amount of drive time I had with him I’m not sure I would have graduated as quickly as I did. I appreciate everything Driver Solutions and C1 did for me. Aaron was my recruiter and he did a great job making sure I got the correct information and got me into class ASAP. One thing that was especially helpful was the egears online training. I was able to get my permit before starting school using only the egears material. I think it should be available to anyone interested in getting a CDL regardless of the company.” - James S.

“I have nothing but praise about my experience. It took a little longer than I expected but that was on me, the entire staff was very helpful and professional, special kudos to Ken and Victor.” - Daniel J.

“The training was awesome. I learned a lot from C1 and the instructors there. Thank you for helping me get into this school.” - Patricia E.

"Everyone was wonderful. I had no problem going to anyone and asking questions. They never made me feel like my question was dumb. If they didn't have the answer they found someone who did. Carol was detailed, patient, and understood my frustration when I was getting something. William (Will) always started his day (our) with a good vibe. Travis also gave us examples when needed. Dave always kept us encouraged. Everyone WAS GREAT. I DON'T USE THAT WORD LIGHTLY. I left feeling READY to be a professional driver. Don't let me forget Josh. When I asked for help he made it happen. Pazz give me tip with my pre-trip. That made me have faith I was on the right PATH. I thank them all. I have no complaints!! Thank you all.” - Shenika G.

“Class was fantastic very well organized. Excited to start my new career.” - Sean G.

“Very impressed with the program.” - Jaime G.


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