Everything you need to know about PAM Transport.

PAM Transportation Company Overview

PAM Transport is a trucking company with deep roots in the transportation industry dating back to 1980. PAM Transport was founded on the principle of, “Our Service Makes the Difference” and in order to make that a reality they must have excellent people behind the wheel and behind the scenes.

When it comes to trucking jobs, PAM has a lot of career opportunities to offer, whether it’s OTR, local, direct, etc. When you finish your CDL training classes and get your CDL license, you will always start out as OTR. Once you get a few months of experience, that’s when opportunities pop up for you to do other positions like a local or direct route.

Company Sponsored CDL Training from PAM

PAM partners with Driver Solutions to offer a company-sponsored CDL training program. With trucking school partnerships in several states throughout the U.S., PAM can help you earn a CDL license. After graduating and gaining some OTR trucking experience, PAM Transportation has many other career options that open up. 

PAM Trucking Jobs are typically broken down into the following categories; Dedicated, OTR, lease purchase, driver mentor, and team truck driving jobs. Each is outlined below...

PAM Transport Trucking Career Paths

Dedicated Lanes: A Dedicated lane is perfect if you’re looking for steady pay and predictable weekly home time. As a PAM driver on a Dedicated lane, you will run the same or similar route each week – allowing you to plan your stops and hometime on a more consistent schedule.

OTR (Over-The-Road): If you’re looking to see the country and make the most out of your paychecks, OTR might be the best choice for you. This is the type of trucking that will keep you running as OTR drivers are typically out for 2-3 weeks at a time (sometimes longer) before heading back home. 

Team: Team is a great way to rack up the most miles possible in one week, not to mention, team drivers each get paid for every approved mile the truck moves. If you don’t have a partner in mind, PAM can help set you up with someone from your area during or after truck driving school. 

Lease-Purchase: PAM Transport offers a lease program for drivers who want to start or expand an owner-operator business. There will be no credit checks, no money down, and reliable miles from PAM. This is a great way to get your feet wet on the Owner-Operator side of things while still having the support of an experienced company behind you. 

Driver Mentor: Another great program PAM trucking offers is the chance to become a Driver Mentor. A Driver Mentor is essentially a Driver Trainer that helps educate the next generation of truck drivers. If you like the idea of being a “coach” and want to be rewarded for helping others, becoming a Driver Mentor might be right for you.