Learn the best and easiest ways to get your truck driving career started by going to CDL Training School.

How To Go To CDL School/Training:

Choosing where you attend CDL Training School may be one of the biggest decisions for you, your family, and your career. Make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for and do your research to find the CDL school that’s the best fit for you.

Through Driver Solutions, we make it easy for you to go to CDL School. You just simply need to fill out our secure online application and one of our friendly recruiters will get in contact with you. From there, they will get you set up with the school that is nearest to you. If all goes well, you are able to start your CDL Training as soon as it works with your schedule. Classes at all of our schools start every week and are focused on teaching you the skills needed to pass the CDL test. By the end of training, you’ll be scheduled to take your CDL License exam to earn your CDL. Once you pass your exam, your Driver Trainer (Mentor) will pick you up so you can begin OTR (over-the-road) training. Once your time with your trainer is up, you are on your own on the open road! Sounds easy enough, right? Here are some of the other main questions you may be wondering:

Can I Go To CDL Training School With A DUI?

It’s possible, if the DUI has been at least 5 years ago. Your recruiter can help you out with knowing if you can get into CDL school or not.

How Much Is It To Go To CDL Training School?

Through our sponsored CDL Training Program, you will not have no upfront tuition cost. Then, during your first year, you’ll pay back a small portion of the CDL training fees. This is not a large portion all at once, but a small part of your paycheck gets taken out until you pay it back.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To CDL School?

You must be 21 to begin CDL Truck Driving School, there is no upper age limit for CDL School.

Get started today by applying for our CDL Trucking School program!