Thinking about getting into trucking? You MUST do this before committing!

Step #1.  This is the most important...yet many don't give this step the attention it deserves or simply ignore it.  Please, please don't make this mistake. 

The first and most important step in becoming a truck driver is talking it over with your family/significant other/spouse. You have to make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of truck driving and that you and your family/spouse are on the same page. If you are not, that first year and the rest of trucking can be very difficult for you. The support from friends and family is a game-changer for a successful career in trucking!

Step 1: Becoming a Trucker - Talk It Over with Your Spouse

Back To The Basics Of Trucking: Talking It Over With Your Spouse/Family

Getting Into Trucking: Things To Consider If You’re Single

Tips for Talking with Spouse/Partner

  • If your spouse does not support your decision to get into trucking, there may be many rough years ahead. It is very important that they are on the same page as you.
  • You need to write out the pros and cons of getting into trucking and really discuss them.
  • Is your spouse able to take care of the kids, the house, etc. while you are away?
  • If you have children, will you be okay with not being there for every game, birthday, etc?

Single?  Consider These Things...

  • Do you have pets? If so, do you have someone that can watch them while you're at school and OTR?
  • Are you paying a lot for rent?
  • Should you rent your space out while you're OTR for weeks at a time?
  • What are the pros and cons of selling your place and living out of the truck?

All of the above topics and questions are important for you to thoroughly discuss before you decide to pursue a career in trucking.

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