About Our Dallas-Fort Worth Truck Driving School

Driver Solutions has partnered with C1 Truck Driver Training's Dallas-Fort Worth truck driving school in Texas to help aspiring truck drivers get their Class A CDL. As one of the premier truck driving schools in Texas, and the nation, C1 Dallas-Fort Worth has developed a proven process that enables its students to learn and develop the skills necessary to become a truck driver.

What's Covered at Our Dallas-Fort Worth CDL Training Location?

Dallas CDL Training

In the Classroom
Dallas truck driving school kicks off in the classroom as students learn the basic information required to get a Class A CDL. In addition to the basics, students will also learn about logging procedures, trip planning, map reading, accident prevention tips and more. 

On the Range
The driving skills emphasized at our Dallas truck driving school location include:

  • Shifting techniques
  • Coupling/uncoupling the trailer
  • Backing skills
  • Left and right turn techniques
  • Pre-trip inspection of the truck

All CDL trainers will emphasize teaching you the driving skills required to pass the CDL skills test at the end of the training program.

Road Training
Once basic maneuvers become second nature, it's time to navigate through roads and practice things like defensive driving and accident prevention, shifting techniques, left and right turns, mechanical operation of the vehicle, and more.

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Cost of CDL Training in Dallas-Fort Worth

You may be thinking, "this all sounds great but what about the cost?" With our company-sponsored CDL training program, you can get started with no upfront tuition costs through a 12-month employment agreement. 

The only real upfront costs for CDL training will be the licensing fees and any money needed for food while at training.  Should any lodging be needed, it will be covered by the trucking company. 

Dallas-Fort Worth CDL Training Reviews

"My C-1 Truck Driver Academy experience was one of great joy and fun. Not only did I meet a great bunch of new friends at C-1, but from the get go everything was handled with the utmost professionalism. From the classroom to the practice yard to the OTR training, I found the entire staff to be earnest - Basil Phanara

Dallas-Fort Worth CDL Training Josh Andrews

"I had a great experience! Thanks to all of the trainers for all of their help and advice! Doty was a huge reason why I passed the first time!!" - Bill Gebo Jr.

"The instructors are awesome!! Enjoying the the training right now, it's fun. Never drove or moved a truck my whole life, but the way those instructors teach...it seems easy and I'm doing pretty darn good so far."  - Edward Deleon

"Just wanted you all at C1 Ft. Worth to know I made it through my whole year accident an violation free! Thanks to my trainers and all of the staff for putting up with me while I was there! To future PAM drivers, be prepared, always stay alert, never fail to do a pre-trip an post-trip! I enjoyed my first year as it was one heck of a ride. Seen 31 states and my favorite place I went was getting to see New York cities skyline at night! Happy trails to the new students joining an keep her between the lines! If you see me out there say hi!" - Joshua Andrews (pictured)

Texas Truck Driver Jobs

Upon completing truck driving school in Dallas-Fort Worth, graduates will have a job opportunity based near their homes. We currently have truck driving jobs in or around these Indiana cities:

See All Texas Truck Driver Job Openings Here!

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