Communication is KEY to a successful trucking career!

Whether you are a brand new trucker or a veteran trucker, communication will always be key for a successful truck-driving career. Some may think that truck driving only involves hours OTR each week, but it is so much more than that. It is communicating through your CB radio about upcoming road closures or accidents, it's speaking with your company about many situations that may come up, it's keeping a healthy relationship with your dispatcher, at truck stops, shippers/receivers, and more. There is so much communicating that goes on daily in truck driving! 

Learning good people skills and how to have healthy work relationships with others is super important. Take a look at the videos below from Trucker G & Trucker Glenn who have years and years of experience with communication in trucking.  

Do Truck Drivers Need Good People Skills?


Trucking 101: #1 Tip for a Healthy Dispatcher Relationship

The Importance of Communicating & Maintaining Healthy Relationships

  • People skills are essential. As Trucker Glenn said in his video, you will be communicating with people at truck stops, shippers, receivers, Walmart runs, training facilities, etc.
  • Don't be a "butthead"! If you have an attitude towards someone, especially someone who controls your next move, it can come back and bite you.
  • The more people you have a healthy relationship with, the more successful you will be in your career.
  • Dispatchers can make or break your career, it is important that you are rude towards them. Most of the time, what you may have an attitude with isn't their fault. 
  • If you have gotten into a bad situation or are given a bad load, etc. don't take it out on others. As Trucker G & Mrs. G said in their video, there are ways to get your point across without giving an attitude or being rude to who you're speaking with.

All of the above points only prove further that keeping a positive attitude when speaking to others, and communicating well with them can only help you further succeed in a truck driving career. 

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