CDL training teaches the knowledge and driving skills required to pass the CDL written exam and driving skills test.

Learning to drive a tractor-trailer during CDL training is a process that involves classroom training, observation and hands-on learning. The Driver Solutions training program includes instruction of all required driving skills as well as day-to-day duties that are part of a truck driving job. Of course, safety is always the focus of any skill we teach.

The Truck Driving School Experience

Classroom Training

CDL training begins in the classroom. Here, student drivers receive instruction on topics that include:

  • CDL knowledge and permit testing
  • Keeping accurate log books
  • Map reading and the trucker atlas
  • Trip planning and routing

Behind The Wheel Training

Driving Range Exercises

With the classroom portion complete, student drivers put their newly obtained CDL permit (learner’s permit) to use. After CDL instructors demonstrate each driving skill, students get an opportunity in the driver’s seat. The first step behind the wheel is learning to master low-speed maneuvers in a tractor-trailer. The basic vehicle controls can include:

  • Right & left turns
  • Shifting techniques
  • Straight line backing
  • Offset backing
  • Parallel parking
  • Other backing exercises

Street Training

After developing the necessary skills to drive the training truck safely on the driving range, student drivers continue to refine their ability on nearby local roads and highways. Street training allows a CDL student to build confidence and utilize a combination of new driving skills. The combined training of classroom, driving range and street driving experience prepares drivers for the final CDL skills test.

Training Beyond Truck Driving School

Combining Knowledge, Skill and Experience

Driver Solutions provides an unrivaled training experience for the Class A CDL. In about 3 weeks, our program prepares student drivers to pass the CDL test. But truck driver training is more than just steering and shifting some gears. It’s our belief that a truck driving school should not only teach driving skills, but also how to be a successful truck driver. After completing CDL school, drivers will continue to paid, on-the-job training with their carrier company. By working with our partner trucking companies, our two-phase approach for driver training provides the solid foundation required to be a successful truck driver. The two-phase training makes the Driver Solutions program unique. Preparing new drivers for life long trucking careers is in our DNA and no one can do it better.