Winter Checklist For Truckers

Winter will be here before we know it... Heck, even a few states have already seen some snowfall. Having all of the essentials items and being fully prepared when winter hits are extremely important. That's why Trucker G and Mrs. G are here to tell you their winter driving survival checklist. Watch now! 

WATCH: For Truckers: Winter Driving Survival Checklist

Switching Out Clothes:  it's that time to switch out those summer clothes for something warmer. No more shorts, flip flops, tank tops, etc. It's very important to have some sturdy boots, preferably waterproof for wet snow, ice, etc. Lots and lots of warm sweatshirts, layers, socks, and winter coats!! And don't forget those waterproof gloves to keep those fingers warm! 

Food: As many truckers do, you try to stock up on food as much as you can. But in the winter months, it is SO important to stock up more than you usually do. As Trucker G and Mrs. G state in the video, they have gotten stuck in Wyoming before. Luckily they had food stocked up - some of the essentials they talk about are peanut butter, extra water, ramen noodles, any type of food source that can last a long time!

Tools: Some tools that are essential for winter weather as told by Trucker G and Mrs. G in their video include: a hammer, propane torch, anti-gel, etc.

Making a checklist is very important to do now to be prepared for the winter months ahead... To help you get started, we asked some of our RoadWarriors to list their essential items that are on their checklist.

Must-Have (with links) Winter Items for Truckers 

These are just a few of the over 100 comments and items that our RoadWarriors listed. Want to see more of the items? Join our RoadWarriors group today! And as always, stay safe out there drivers!