What’s New In Trucking This Week?

We're starting a new weekly series where we cover the top headlines that happened each week in the trucking industry. To help you stay on track and be up to date with what's going on in the world today, be sure to check in each week for an update!

With all the news in the past couple of months being focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, these are the 5 most important trucking headlines we think are important for you to know:

FMCSA reveals final HOS rule 

By Cristina Commendatore

This week, the FMCSA decided on their final ruling for the hours of service on truckers. Jim Mullen, the FMCSA Acting Administrator, said this new ruling was a result of over 8,000 public comments the agency received. It also was put into place to add more flexibility to the lives of the American truckers as they are essential during this fight against COVID-19. This final ruling includes four new revisions to the HOS. These include;

  1. Newly added flexibility to the 30-minute break that comes after 8 hours of driving time
  2. Modifications to the sleeper berth exception
  3. Modifications to the adverse driving conditions exception
  4. Changes to the short-haul exemption

For more details on these four modifications and the full article, check it out here!

CDC: How long-haul truckers can protect against COVID-19

By American Trucker Staff

The fight against the Coronavirus pandemic has continued to be a struggle... With different news popping up each day. This week the CDC came out with some new tips to help truck drivers continue to protect themselves against COVID-19 since being deemed essential and not being able to stay-at-home like many other industries. The CDC provides steps for truck drivers to protect themselves while out on the road, a few important ones are;

  • Limit time spent outside of the truck cab during fueling, loading and unloading, and at rest and truck stops.
  • Keep your truck well-ventilated.
  • Pack food, water, and supplies to limit the number of stops.
  • And more...

This article also gives key times to clean hands as well as many other good practices to use to stay healthy during this crazy time. To read more of this article and the other cleaning practices from the CDC, click here!

'We're not going to work for free': Truck drivers protesting plummeting pay rates are 'slow-rolling' and stopping traffic across the US

By Rachel Premack

All around the U.S. truck drivers continue to protest against lowered pay rates as they are pushed to their limits trying to get loads delivered on time. This has been demonstrated in Texas, California, and Arizona so far with more protests being planned weekly. With the coronavirus, rates have dropped to the lowest they have ever been since 2009. With them being deemed essential and still working, they are unable to apply for unemployment OR be apart of the $2 trillion dollar stimulus checks. Leaving them no other choice to keep on working or join the protest. 

Check out the details from each state and how the protest went down by clicking here!

Free app helps truck drivers in training prepare for CDL exam during pandemic

By Ashley Bowerman

A new app came out to help students train for their CDL exam. With the Coronavirus pandemic making classes harder and harder to come to due to social distancing, the Advanced Training Systems app allows you to study from anywhere! This helps you eliminate the small groups of close distancing that CDL training schools do. It was said that "going into the pandemic the U.S. was 60,000 truck drivers short, and now without training available, that could mean America will see a shortage in the supply chain" (Bowerman, Ashley). This new app allows those students wanting or in the middle of getting their CDL to be able to do just that!

See more details on the app and how to download it for FREE by using this promo code ATS20 right now... Click here!

Trucker Tools and SecurSpace to help drivers find more overnight parking

By Josh Fisher

I have seen it everywhere on multiple groups of social media that many truck drivers have struggled to find overnight parking. There are now two apps that can help truck drivers find more parking overnight... Trucker Tools and SecurSpace. "Drivers and fleets using Trucker Tools will soon have access to nearly 1,000 locations offering space for truck parking and other asset storage through SecurSpace" (Josh Fisher). Awesome right! The app gives information such as restrooms, showers, food, and price for parking.

To learn more about the app and download it for yourself... Click here! 

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