What’re YOU Thankful For This Year?

If you ask me, this year has been TOUGH for a lot of people. But no matter how many obstacles you've to overcome so far in 2020, there is always something to be thankful for. And we at Driver Solutions are thankful for truckers, who continued to work throughout this pandemic to keep the stores stocked with supplies we needed and for the health and safety of our coworkers, families, and friends!

We decided to ask our RoadWarriors what they are thankful for and here are some of our favorite replies;

"Having a job and my family most of all my mom we don't how much longer but glad she's here." - Sidney A.

"The love & support of my family. Have changed career paths & they are very supportive." - Jeff F.

"To be reunited with my dad and his side of the family after 35 years." - Melissa F.

"That my wife after six hard months will be finally fully healed in December!!!! Thankfully ive been able to run hard and keep my family taken care of! My health! My families health! Many things to be extremely grateful for this year!!" - Chad D.

"My Family, that God has blessed me to live to be 50 years old and see my 6th grandchild be born and that I have been able to keep on rolling when so many are out of work." - Yvette S.

"The brotherly peace that trucking seems to bring." - Cliff C.

"I had a heart attack in July, I am thankful that I am still here, and thankful that I have a 2nd chance, hopefully that puts me back on the road here soon. Just have to get these last couple of obstacles cleared." - Jonathan A.

In a year that has been made up of a lot of bad news, there is so much hope and good that has happened as well. We hope that your Thanksgiving is filled with joy and happiness and if you aren't able to be home to see your family, be thankful that they are safe and healthy!

And when you're eating your Thanksgiving meals, don't forget to #ThankATrucker for sacrificing to put that food on your table!