What to Expect During Truck Driving School

Ever wonder what truck driving school is really like?

You are not alone.

We get questions all the time from people asking what to expect in the classroom and on the road.  The best way to see what goes down at truck driving school without attending yourself, is to hear from some students who were just like you - eager, nervous and determined.  Take a look at this video series to see what we mean...

WATCH: The Truck Driving School Experience

Life at Truck Driving School

The first part of the CDL training process at Driver Solutions introduces you to the basics of truck driving. You'll learn about what to expect out on the road, what life is like as a PAM truck driver, as well as learn what's going to be expected of you throughout your time in trucking school

One of the greatest benefits of our truck driving training process is that we don't throw all the information at once and say "good luck." Our qualified instructors break down the material into sections, and walk you through each of them to make sure you understand everything. We take the steps necessary to turn you into a safe, professional truck driver.

Getting into the Truck

This is when the process starts to get really exciting, and the best part is that your instructors are still with you all the way. After gettting introduced to the basics of trucking, we put you out onto the range to practice backing, parallel parking, and more.

We'll then put you out on the road with an instructor to get actual street and highway driving experience. They'll show you the ins and outs of driving, and give you the tips and help you need to get used to driving a truck.

It's a totally different world driving a big rig rather than a four wheeler. But as intimidating as driving a semi seems, when it comes down to it, it's still just driving and proven techniques will always work.

Preparing for the Skills Test

Before you know it, you'll be ready for the next phase of CDL training. You'll look back on the first two weeks and realize just how much you've learned. As Morry puts it in the video, "It's like eating an elephant, you just eat it one bite at a time."

By the 3rd week, you've eaten a huge part of that elephant. You've come miles since Day 1, and now it's time to get ready to put what you've learned to test.

The speed of truck driving should start to slow down. You'll get comfortable with operating a big rig on the street, highway, and range as you've been honing your newly learned skills. Driving, shifting, backing, and everything else will start to become second nature to you.

Your time in training is coming to a close almost as soon as it began. After all, your skills test is just a week away...

Skills Testing

The final week of training is where it all comes together. You get your chance at taking the CDL skills test. It's broken down into 3 parts: pre-trip inspection, range skills, and street driving. You must pass all 3 in order to receive your Class A CDL.

It can be a bit intimidating to have to finally put it all together, especially in front of a tester; but, if you trusted in the Driver Solutions process, worked hard, practiced, and studied all the material given to you throughout your time in CDL training, you'll have set yourself up for success on the day of the test.

Life After Training

So you've just passed your CDL test and obtained your license...what's next?

Soon after graduating truck driving school, you'll get a call from PAM Transport where you'll get details about when and where to report for paid over-the-road training.

There, you'll learn more about life at PAM, as well as get introduced to your Driver Mentor. You'll spend the first few weeks of your career with them. They'll take your training a step further, and show you what life on the road is like.

Once you finish your training period with your Driver Mentor, the career possibilities with PAM are just beginning...

Start Your Trucking Career Now

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