What You Should Bring On A Trainers Truck

Knowing what to pack can be a struggle whether it's for vacation or for a few weeks over-the-road as a truck driver! Making sure you don't overpack can be one of the most important things to remember when preparing to join your trainer on his/her truck. Watch the video below where Matt From Bonafide Trucking talks about what the essentials are when traveling for those few weeks with your trainer!

WATCH: What To Bring On A Trainers Truck

Don't overpack: Remember that you are coming into a truck that most likely is where your trainer lives. You are coming into their 'house' essentially, so don't pack a ton and take up all of the living space. The truck most likely has a fridge, microwave, TV, etc. All the essentials. Really all you need to bring is clothes, toiletries...you know all that good stuff! 

What you need: Sleeping bag, Lysol (wipes and spray), one pair of work boots (preferably waterproof), rain suits, one jacket, one hoodie (all depending on season and location), toiletries, about 8 pairs of undergarments (don't forget that you can also do laundry), few pairs of pants, shirts, shorts. While on the road, you only need the essentials and clothing that will keep you comfortable for traveling and driving for hours at a time. 

What you need to know: It is illegal to sleep on the top bunk while the truck is moving! If your trainer doesn't want you sleeping on their bed, bring your own sleeping bag to put on top of the bed or on the floor so you can make sure you get the sleep you need. 

As Matt ends the video with... "Pack light and ask stupid questions". You are on there to learn as much as possible and become as comfortable as you can be behind the wheel!