What is an OTR Trucking Job?

As you begin your career in trucking, there are numerous truck driving terms that will be introduced as you get used to the lingo.  Most of these trucker terms you've probably never heard and they may leave you scratching your head.  A good way to get up to speed on some of the basic terms of trucking is to read this post where we break it all down for you and then dive a little deeper into part 2 where we expand on that list and define some CB radio terms as well.

There’s certainly a lot to remember, but we're here to help simplify things as much as possible with our truck driving glossary. One of the topics we would like to help new truckers really understand is just what an OTR trucking job is, and how it's different from a Dedicated Lane trucking job. In the rest of this post, I'll define both types of trucking jobs, discuss the difference between the two, and tell you about some of the benefits of OTR trucking.

OTR vs. Dedicated Lane Trucking

OTR stands for "Over the Road." This type of trucking job doesn't have a set or designated route that a trucker runs. Over the road truck drivers typically spend two to three weeks on the road at a time, picking up and dropping off loads wherever they are asked to.

A Dedicated Lane trucking job is a trucking job that runs a set route. There's more of a consistent schedule where the driver typically runs the same regional route over and over throughout a week. These types of jobs are usually designated for experienced truckers, and don't require drivers to be away from home for as long as an OTR trucking job does.

Benefits of OTR Trucking

One of the greatest benefits of OTR truck driving jobs is that they allow drivers to travel all over. In just one trip, a driver could start in Maine, and end up all the way on the other side of the country in California. OTR truck drivers have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see just how beautiful and unique our country is. They see what many of us could only dream of seeing in a lifetime, in a matter of weeks. Did I mention they get to do this all while making money and providing goods to the American people?

On top of all the places drivers get to visit while operating as an OTR truck driver, OTR trucking gives new drivers a lot of valuable experience in their early years of trucking. They get experience by getting a lot of miles under the belt while learning the ins and outs of the lifestyle of a trucker. This experience in turn also helps drivers advance their careers quicker than if they were to start out in a different kind of truck driving job.

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