What Are REAL Students Saying About These Schools?

Are you thinking about jump-starting your career in the trucking industry? Overwhelmed with the number of options there are when it comes to truck driving schools? We are here to make your decision an easy one! Not only does Driver Solutions offer an easy and affordable way to earn your CDL license.. but We also partner with some of the TOP truck driving schools in the U.S. 

Today we are here to brag about our C1 Truck Driving School - these three schools are located in Indianapolis, Fort Worth, and Springfield. Not only do we think these schools are filled with amazing instructors and staff, but REAL students do as well!!

Let's first focus on our Indianapolis, IN school - new students are accepted each Monday, and the school has been around for over 30 years!!! Check out some of the latest and greatest testimonials from graduates of C1 Indianapolis;

"Have a willingness to learn and work hard and the rest will follow with the help of the instructors. Everyone was knowledgeable, helpful, and respectful. I would recommend C1’s trucking school to any of my friends or family that wanted to enter into the trucking industry. A great foundation for my new career I feel." - Joe S.

"C1 has well prepared me for the road as I start my trucking Career. Great staff , great environment, and Miss Terri rocks." - Jay G.

"Amazing program with wonderful teachers and great admin staff!!" - Quintin B.

"C1 is a good school and they have a lot of experienced instructors that will help you to attain your goal. I recommend this school for anyone who want Class A CDL." - Adekola A.

The next location we love to brag about is Fort Worth, TX. Not only has this location been open for almost 20 years, but it is also one of the top CDL training schools in Texas! See what students who graduated from here have to say;

"Great trucking school, easily the best one in the DFW area. I'll recommend them any day. The instructor are the best, very helpful and care for you to pass your CLP and CDL test." - King AB

"Absolutely would recommend, they were patient and explained everything very well. I also had lots of questions and they always answered to help me understand better. Always made me comfortable." - Tonya G.

"All of the instructors beginning from the classroom to the practice site to the range were GREAT at properly instructing me on how to achieve the proper techniques to park and drive the big rigs----Shout out to Mr. Lively and his staff at the range...Thank You Sir for ALL of your support and knowledge and wisdom you showed me and how learning from mistakes (is better than kicking myself for them) makes one a better driver...Thanks again Mr. Lively." - Kevin W.

"A great school with excellent instructors! Thank y'all for all your help, support, and encouragement!" - Justin T.

And last but certainly not least, our C1 location in Springfield, MO! This location has been open since 2000 and continues to be a top school to earn your CDL license from! Here are what some students have to say about this school;

"Without them I wouldn't have gotten my CDL everybody that works there is amazing. Huge shout-out to Bob for teaching me to drive. And to Tom, Darin, Chris and Joe for teaching me that I can parallel park a big truck and well other maneuvers as well. And to Jim, most amazing classroom teacher of them all. And to Arthur for giving me the opportunity to come to the school to learn. Brandon and Diane are amazing too for having to deal with all the paperwork for each new student, not a job I would like to have. And for Danny, for allowing me to be his guinea pig for a driving test and for giving great pointers on driving habits. Overall my experience was a once in a life time. Im glad I got to meet every single person and wil cherish them all." - Ashley W.

"I had the best experience anyone could hope for. Made some friends for life there and was taught by the best instructors in the nation right in Springfield Mo. Thanks C1." - Jeremy M.

"I was there in July 2004...never drove a stick before...3 weeks later, I'm easily driving a 40 ton combo vehicle...C1 changed my life! 16 yrs. later um still turning the wheel and hitting the throttle when I can! Great school!" - Milton C.

"I just graduated from Springfield Missouri last Friday. I enjoyed the experience. Instructors were great. You could joke with them. You could ask any questions you have. They all said they are there to help your success. I was doubtful at first. But after a couple days at school. I changed my mind. There was no question about it. They are truly training you to be your best. I'm truly going to miss getting to see and talk to them everyday." - David C.

Not to try and fully sway you to join one of our three locations.. but from what others have to say about them, I don't see where you could go wrong! If you are ready to change your life for the better and get on the road to a successful career, let us help you get started today! 

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