Wednesday Week in Reviews - Part 3

Welcome to the third edition of our “Wednesday Week in Reviews” series, where we take a look at some of the Driver Solutions reviews from current and former truck driving students.

Our goal is to deliver the best CDL training and trucking job placement assitance possible to every driver, so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

We use the feedback we receive to improve our process by continuing to move in the right direction. Take a look below at what people are saying this week...

This Week in Driver Solutions Reviews

"I went there thinking it was going to be impossible to learn how to safely drive a truck in 3 weeks but as long as you listen to them and do what they say it will happen.

I finished on time and the instructors are amazing people. They all have the patience and knowledge to teach anyone how to drive.

Special thanks to Shanon, he was great. Took his time with me and made sure I knew how to properly shift and take off in the truck."

- Emmanuel Lozada - C1 Truck Driver Training - Indianapolis

"I loved this school and most of the trainers!!! They key to it is to LISTEN. Then find your own feel of it.

Everyone was so invested in my future because it reflects on them both as individuals and as a team.

I gave 24 days and got my CDL. Made some friends along the way too. Don't give up!!!"

- Majorie Hinklin - C1 Truck Driver Training - Little Rock

"I just graduated on January 7, 2016! Great group of instructors and staff members for those that are willing to be serious about learning the skills required to be a professional truck driver!!"

- Shane Hutton - C1 Truck Driver Training - Little Rock

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