Updates In The Trucking Industry This Week

We're starting a new weekly series where we cover the top headlines that happened each week in the trucking industry. To help you stay on track and be up to date with what's going on in the world today, be sure to check in each week for an update!

Here are the 3 most important trucking headlines we think are essential for you to know:

Pandemic is fuelling a surge of interest in trucking jobs

By Shawn Gibson

The security of a truck driving career has become more and more apparent as the COVID-19 continues to shut down many businesses. Forcing some to look into different careers - with trucking being one of them. "DriveWise/KnowledgeSurge commercial driver solutions manager Samantha Clarke told BarrieToday that the current health crisis has started to show people which careers are truly vital for the economy" (Shawn Gibson). It has helped show that trucking is needed to help the economy moving and truckers have been shown more appreciation than ever before. 

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Wyoming DOT to shut down 10 rest areas statewide

By Sierra Alley

Governor Mark Gordon announced that 10 of their state rest areas will be closing. "These closures take effect on June 15 and were prompted by budgetary shortfalls. They are a way to reduce the agency’s operational costs" (Sierra Alley).

The rest areas that will be closing include:

Lusk on US 18 Guernsey on US 26
Greybull on US 14-16-20
Moorcroft on Interstate 90
Star Valley on US 89
Ft. Steele on Interstate 80
Sundance on Interstate 90
Upton on US 16
Orin Junction on Interstate 25
Chugwater on Interstate 25

This decision will save them a lot of money, but it is still important for truck drivers to hear about the news as well. Please forward it on! 

To learn more about reasons why these are being closed down, read more of the article by clicking here!

Can Electric Truck Company Nikola Become the Next Tesla After Going Public?

By Patrick George

Nikola Motor Company is a Pheonix-based electric vehicle startup company. They initially came out with an electric semi-truck design, that now has a scheduled public offering later this week. Here is all you need to know about Nikola's electric trucks...

"Nikola's electric-battery heavy trucks are designed for short hauls of up to 300 miles and can be recharged in several hours. Its hydrogen fuel-cell trucks are designed for hauls of up to 750 miles and can be refueled within about 15 minutes. Both zero-emission vehicles are slightly heavier than conventional diesel trucks and haul slightly less freight, according to Nikola's analysis. The company also is developing zero-emission light military vehicles, pickup trucks, and off-road vehicles for consumer use, along with jet ski-like watercraft" (Patrick George).

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