What’s The Latest Buzz On Autonomous Trucks?!

So autonomous trucks?! It's the latest news, the hot topic, the next big thing. What do truckers and driving companies REALLY think about this new fab?

What are autonomous trucks all about? Watch what Trucker G has to say about them...

WATCH: The TRUTH About Autonomous Self-Driving Trucks!!

Self-Driving Truck Facts

What crazy tech was able to actually make this work? With technology nowadays, we shouldn't be surprised that the time for autonomous vehicles is in the near future. There are multiple companies that have been testing self-driving cars/trucks for years now. For example, Google has been testing its self-driving car since 2011! 8 long years of testing, with many tests being a success when it comes to autonomous cars, but semi-trucks are on a whole different level.

The ongoing concern techs have with autonomous trucks is that they aren't able to maneuver as quickly around accidents or potential roadblocks like cars can. With that being said, they are still working on ways to fix this issue and prevent further accidents. The real question is, when should we prepare ourselves to share the road with self-driving vehicles? Researchers say it can happen anytime in the next decade. Trucker G, however, believes self-driving semi-trucks will never happen, but who knows. Technology is and always will continue to surprise us! 

Will Truckers Lose Their Jobs

With all this news about self-driving trucks, I'm sure it has you thinking... Are truck drivers going to lose their jobs? This is a commonly asked question, and the answer is no. With all the potential problems that could happen, each self-driving truck would need a person in the cab to make sure nothing goes wrong. In return, this makes the drive more comfortable with less manual labor for truck drivers. Think about it this way, if you are wanting to double fist with a donut in one hand and a coffee in the other, you can go right ahead and do so! Sounds kinda nice, right? 

Trucker G's Thoughts:

Trucker G has no worries at all when it comes to autonomous trucks taking away truck drivers' jobs. He explains multiple factors and situations that would appear where having a truck driver in the cab would be a necessity. If you have yet to watch the full video, be sure to do so now! 


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