Trucking Terms: ABCs of Understanding the Trucker Language, Part 2

Previously, in "Trucking Terms: The ABCs of Understanding the Trucker Language," we discussed how the trucking industry is no different from other industries in having to learn the lingo. Trucking terminology can be a little tricky to remember while learning the way of the road. In our attempt to build a trucker's glossary, we started with a good base in defining what a lot of different terms such as "CB", "Class A", and "DOT" mean. I’m now going to further expand that list while also giving you some basic, yet important, CB radio terms to know as well!

General Trucking Terms

Driving an empty truck.

Float Shifting
Shifting gears without using the clutch pedal.

Inventory control in which warehousing is kept to a minimum. Freight as needed.

Owner Operator
Drivers who either owns or leases their own truck and works privately.

Team Drivers
Team of two or more drivers who drive the same truck. Because they take turns in shifts, and can go longer distances than solo drivers.

Metal pin that is located underneath the front end of the trailer.

Trailer with a refrigerated unit.

A tractor without a trailer.

CB Radio Trucking Terms to Know

“Message received”

“Repeat message”

“Urgent business”

“My location is”

“Please tune to channel”

“Traffic accident at”

“Traffic tie up at”

“Unable to copy, use phone”

“Speed trap at”

“Talk closer to microphone”

This wraps up Part 2 of our Truck Talk: The ABCs of Trucking Language blog series. We hope that our trucking dictionary of basic trucking terms and CB radio terms helps you out on the road, and make sure to stay updated with the rest of Driver Solutions’ blog to learn more about trucking and to receive other tips and tricks to make your life on the road easier!