A True Trucking Success Story

Scott Evans is the epitome of a truck driver who runs hard and takes advantage of the opportunities presented to him.

When he first graduated truck driving school, he went into PAM's OTR training with the mindset to truly enjoy the trucking lifestyle. Because of that, we think Scott's story is a prime example of true trucking success.

Scott's Story

Two examples stick out in Scott's experiences as a truck driver that show he's getting the most out of his new career: As an avid sports fan, Scott has been able to see his favorite baseball and football team play in each of their respective hometowns.

He got to see his Dallas Cowboys play the Indianapolis Colts, a game in which the Cowboys beat the Colts 42-7!

More recently, he got to attend the St. Louis Cardinals opening day versus the Milwaukee Brewers in 2015. His thoughts:

"Trucking truly is what you make it. By that, I mean you can just get caught up in the running around from stop to stop, same old thing day in and day out; or, you can do what I just did and stop by here in St. Louis, Missouri to watch my Cardinals play opening day against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Now, to make that happen I knew where I was routed and figured out how far I had to go each day the last 2 days. I worked out my delivery times to get here just in time to see the game so I could enjoy my favorite the in baseball: 11-time World Series Champions - the St. Louis Cardinals."

For more on how Scott has learned to enjoy the trucking lifestyle, check out the video below.

How Scott Got Started

The only reason Scott was able to experience watching his favorite teams in their hometown was because he drives a big rig for a living. He got his start through the Driver Solutions company-sponsored CDL training program, and started his career with PAM Transport upon graduating.

Scott's experience with both Driver Solutions' partner trucking school and his Driver Mentor is what prepared him to be successful as a first seat driver, and you can hear more about both here:

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