How To Know If Trucking Is A Job Or A Lifestyle

Would you consider truck driving a job or a lifestyle?  Being a truck driver, you spend a great deal of time away from home and on the road. 
Many new truck drivers will say it's a job that consumes most of your life with few hours spent at home.. But if you ask a veteran truck drivers like Trucker G, they'll say it's a way of life.

Watch this video to see what Trucker G has to say about it...

WATCH: Trucking - Is It Job or Lifestyle???

It's A Love-Hate Relationship

As Trucker G says in the video, truck driving is a love-hate relationship. While out on the road he wishes he was home, but when home he wishes he was out on the road. Now that may not be the case for all of you, and I don't want new drivers to read this, or watch the video, and think that if Trucker G feels that way, that you will too. Trucking is not the best fit for everyone, and some of you may feel as though it's a demanding job, while others think it's a lifestyle and love doing it. Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to this topic.

Trucker G's Thoughts

Trucker G feels as though he was meant to be a truck driver. In the video, he talks about the times he's taken local jobs before in order to be home more often for his family, and missed working OTR. For many, OTR isn't their top choice, and many new drivers wish to start local right out of CDL School. But when it comes to some truck drivers that have been doing OTR their whole life, they absolutely love it. Trucker G says the road calls his name and he is always ready to get back out there when he's at home or not working. To him, he feels thankful that this career turned into a way of life for him, but some may never feel the same way. 

How To Know If Trucking Is The Right Fit For You

In my opinion, you will know that first week of CDL training, maybe even the first or second day, if trucking is the right career choice for you. If you have to push yourself to get up in the morning and head over to CDL training, it's most likely only going to get worse once you start driving. If you hate being away from home for the 3-4 weeks while at CDL school, I can tell you right now that you need to walk away from truck driving and find a different career. Sure you can potentially drive local once you're a few months into your first year, but if you aren't able to get through the first months as an OTR driver, then what are you doing? Here at Driver Solutions, nothing makes us feel more accomplished and happy than seeing drivers like Trucker G, have such a positive experience with truck driving. We want nothing more than everyone who comes through our program to experience and think of truck driving the way Trucker G does.

Just like we helped Trucker G, Driver Solutions can help you get the CDL training you need to become a truck driver.  Just take a few moments to complete our online driver application now and we'll work to find a trucking school near you. 

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