A Trucker’s Relationship with a Fleet Manager and Dispatcher

Two of the most important relationships to build as you start your career in trucking is your fleet manager relationship and dispatcher relationship. The relationships are vital to your success and happiness on the road; and if you have a good relationship with your manager and dispatcher, they'll do a better job of keeping you rolling and making you money! In this post, I would like to discuss the importance of the dynamic between the 3, and also give you a couple of tips on how to build the relationship as a whole.

But before we dive in, I would first like to define what a fleet manager and dispatcher are:

Fleet Manager - Fleet managers are in charge of running the day to day operations of an entire fleet of trucks.  They have to have knowledge of state and federal laws, calculate load arrival times, prioritize, handle emergencies, and more.
(Source: http://freight.about.com/od/Jobs/a/Role-Of-The-Fleet-Manager.htm)

Dispatcher - Dispatchers schedule drivers pickups or deliveries, are responsible for keeping records, monitoring driver logs, and have to know the weather and road conditions of their drivers.
(Source: http://freight.about.com/od/Resources/a/Dispatcher.htm)

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An Important Dynamic

Together, the dispatcher and fleet manager will work together to keep you and other drivers going on the road. Check my video out to find out more about the importance of the dynamic between a trucker, fleet manager, and dispatcher, and read below to get a few tips on how to develop a good relationship:

Make the Effort to Start a Personal Relationship

If at all possible, I suggest you make an effort to meet your dispatcher and fleet manager in person. You have to show them you are willing to go the extra mile for them. Starting by making that extra effort to meet them in person will go a long way in showing how committed you are. If you go the extra mile for them, they will do the same for you.

Give Respect, Get Respect

This is an old saying, but I feel it’s important to state here. You must earn the respect of your dispatcher and fleet manager first. Show them the respect that you want to be treated with, and they will reciprocate it. A lot of things can go wrong, and some things may not turn out favorable for you while you’re on the road; but, if you show them respect and keep on truckin’, they will give it back to you, and try to make things right.

If you use these tips, your relationship with your fleet manager and dispatcher will certainly get off to a great start. Developing a good relationship with your own fleet manager and dispatcher will definitely help you out. It's another step in the right direction in making sure your trucking career gets off to a successful start!

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