Truck drivers have always been extremely important around the world. But in times of need like the COVID-19 pandemic, truck drivers are needed and relied on more than ever before to keep America moving. 

Watch this video of Trucker G sharing his thoughts on how the Coronavirus is truck drivers' time to shine!


Truckers Are Needed Now More Than Ever

Trucker G talks about truck drivers being in extremely high demand right now as they try to deliver all the necessary goods as quickly as possible during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. The pressure is on for truck drivers to get loads to places quicker than ever, especially with FMCSA lifting rules regarding hours of service.

Stop If You Need Rest

While some restrictions have been lifted, it's extremely important that drivers know when they need to stop. We all know that truck drivers like getting more miles in because you know, more $$$. And with loads being more important than ever, they are feeling that pressure to not take a break and get it there as soon as possible. If you're a driver though and you're feeling tired, it's still critically important for your safety and that of those around you to stay safe. Take 3-5 hours for a nap or just to rest. Even with loads being in such high demand, nothing is more important than your life. That saying is more appropriate than ever during these times.

COVID-19 came out of nowhere and it has caused a wave of changes that none of us were prepared for, but we are all fighting through to get on the other side of it. Truck drivers have been seeing the appreciation as well as the hardship during these times. With restaurants shutting down and fast food places turning to drive-thru only, this leaves truckers with limited places to eat while out on the road. With that being said, we have seen so many places come together for the truckers with either free meals or semi-truck friendly drive-thrus. We have a full list of these in a separate blog that can be found here! No matter what the challenge is this week, truck drivers are the real heroes!