Trucker Wayne Visits Chicago

Recently, I’ve been blogging about the first year of trucking and the challenges that come with it. I’ve given you my 6 Truths of Trucking, and have also offered up 3 Tips for First Year Success. These are pieces of information that I still find to be useful and applicable, even as a veteran driver.

Enjoying Life As A Trucker

In this blog, I want to talk about how things really do get easier after the first year of driving. Everything slows down, and after the initial adjustment to the new trucking lifestyle, you’re able to really take it all in by enjoying some of the awesome benefits. After I learned the ropes, I was able to take the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air, and look at life through a totally new perspective because of truck driving. I’ve driven through places that I never thought I’d be able to see, and have come to truly enjoy what each city, town, and view have to offer.

Today, I want to show you one of the cooler places I’ve been to after 3 years behind the wheel in my first ever video blog! Here, I am in Chicago enjoying some time outside of ESPN, soaking up the big city life:

As I said before, I was able to take advantage of this opportunity because I became a truck driver. You can also open up your world to new sights, sounds, and experiences that you might not have had otherwise by starting with Driver Solutions! They were instrumental in getting my trucking career started on the right path by pairing me with a company that not only paid for me to go through CDL training, but also had a job waiting for me afterwards.

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About The Author

Wayne got his start in trucking by going through the Driver Solutions company paid CDL training program back in 2012.  Since then, he has traveled over 300,000 safe miles and counting! After seeing his photos and reading about his adventures, we knew we had to share them on our blog. Join Wayne on his journey for a first hand look at life on the road!