Truckers: Do This with Your Credit Card to Avoid Headaches & Embarrassment

PAM Transport Driver Trainer Chad is back with a quick tip that can save truck drivers some headaches and embarrassment.  New truckers, give this video a watch right now...

WATCH: Quick Credit Card Tip for Truckers

Picture this...

You just graduated CDL school.  You're feeling great and out on the road in your first truck driving job with your Driver Trainer.  You've covered a couple of states and it's time to stop to grab a bite to eat.  You're feeling great about everything, riding the high of handling a big rig.  Then, you swipe your credit card to pay for dinner and BAM!  Declined. 

What happened?  You know you've got the money in the bank.  You feel embarrased and aren't sure what to do.

Well, it could have all been avoided with one simple phone call to your bank or financial institution.  That's right, if you're going to be paying for things with a credit or debit card as a truck driver, it's a good idea to let your credit card company know that you'll be traveling from state to state quite often. 

Not only will this help you avoid the headaches and embarrassment of getting declined in front of our audience, it'll also help prevent a temporary restriction that might be placed on your card if suspicious activity is noticed. 

BIG thanks to Trucker Chad for sharing this very helpful tip for new drivers. 

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