Going to Truck Driving School - Week 2

Here's the 2nd part in the 4 part series of what to expect each week during CDL training and at truck driving school... be sure to check back later for the other 2 parts!

WATCH: Going to Truck Driving School - Week 2: Range Training

CDL Training School - Week 2

Driver Solutions works with many CDL instructors that have decades of experience. Walter brings incredible experience in the trucking industry and proven training methods. He wants students to come out of training feeling confident in their ability to truck drive. In the second week, expect to get some hands-on experience behind the wheel of a big rig. 

Range Training

The second week you will typically be out on the range. While out on the range, these maneuvers will be covered: backing up exercises, shifting, making turns, and safe operation on the street. Very hands on training! Each student will be assigned to an instructor, you will spend half your time on the range and then half on the street. Learning your pretrip is a big focus this week. The instructors want you to study and be able to do your own pretrip by the time the second week of training ends. It is extremely important to be able to tell if a truck is safe to drive out on the road. Becoming prepared and comfortable while driving a semi-truck is the main goal during the second week of training.

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