Truck Drivers Are Feeling the Love All Around the U.S.

Truck Drivers Are Feeling The Love & Appreciation During This Time

With the recent news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, many people are scrounging the grocery stores to stock up on food, toiletries, water, and anything else deemed as essentials.  This means that truck drivers are extremely needed (job security!) to keep America moving by delivering goods on time and as safely as possible.    

Now, perhaps more than ever, the general public is aware that it's the hard-working men and women in the trucking industry bringing those essential supplies to each store. With some of the U.S. restaurants shutting down and most others going to carry-out only, people are stepping up to show truck drivers some extra love during this unprecedented time that we are currently in with our nation.  Take a look below at some of the awesome acts of kindness and appreciation for truck drivers from this past week...

Texas Roadhouse

The Story:
"Texas Roadhouse is on the ball! They saw me pull in, ( to a parking lot I couldn't fit in) and came to meet me halfway across the parking lot to take my order. Then they asked me to please wait in my truck and brought my order out a short time later. Oh and they said THANK YOU, Your meal is on the house! AMERICA HELPING AMERICANS" - Trucker, Daniel L.

thanks a load

The Story: 
"Dear America this is the definition of cool. I saw these on many of the trucks here at the flying j in Michigan." - Trucker, Scott K.

Kentucky Police

The Story:
"In an effort to keep Kentucky shelves stocked, and tractor-trailers on the road, KSP Post 8 Troopers are delivering lunches to hungry commercial vehicle drivers. We are all in this together!" - Kentucky State Police


The Story:
"Ok, guys I am in York, PA waiting for my delivery. I'm parked at 83 Diner which is closed and this white Jeep pulled up and they walk up to my truck and hand a bag of snacks to say thank you for stay out here to help our country. Let's blow-up Facebook with their picture and tell them to thank you." - Trucker, Steve T.


The Story:
"Free burritos in Ottawa Lake, MI Exit 5 U.S.23." - United Truckers

The Story:
"It’s nice to see there are some people that are willing to show their appreciation! Was just in the Loves truck stop just South of Terre Haute, IN to shower and fuel. Walked over to get something to eat and the guy standing behind me with his two kids asked if I was a trucker and then bought me dinner. Then the girl behind the counter threw in 2 big chocolate chip cookies into my bag as she handed it to me! Thank you, Sam!!!!" - Trucker, Jim P.

It is simply amazing to see all of these stories popping up everywhere!  During a time of crisis, our country is realizing that we're all in this together and showing truck drivers some extra, well-deserved appreciation.  There's absolutely no doubt that truck drivers are essential workers and they're showing just how valuable they are to our entire country right now.