Make 50 Year Veteran Truck Driver’s Terminal Cancer Wish Come True

Truck drivers helping other truck drivers.  It's the foundation in which the brotherhood and sisterhood of the trucking industry were founded upon.  Truck drivers would stop to help other drivers at the drop of a hat.  As time has gone on, unfortunately, these kind acts are becoming fewer and further between.  But now we have an opportunity to do something very special for a fellow RoadWarrior.  Watch the video to see how we can make a 50 year veteran of the road's dying wish come true!

WATCH: 50 Year Truck Driver's Terminal Cancer Wish

After 50 years in the industry, James Garhart was involved in a horrible semi-truck accident.  While in the hospital, it was found that he has terminal cancer.  Now, he's asking for his one last wish to be granted - he wants to ride again in a semi again!  

Trucker G and Mrs. G are answering that call by heading to Duncan, NE this Monday, August 10th, to make his wish come true.  And now we're asking for your help!  If you're a fellow driver and can possibly join Trucker G & Mrs. G - please send them a message on Facebook.  We would like to assemble a group of truckers to make this REALLY SPECIAL for James.  How cool would it be to get a full convoy of truckers together for Mr. Garhart's last wish???  Let's show this family the true trucking spirit!