Truck Driver Pay Trending in the Right Direction

You're looking for a new career in a field where you can make a good income from you and your family. You've always wanted to become a truck driver, but maybe the money or timing wasn't right. Now might be the last chance to chase your dream of hitting the open road, and there's good news to help you make your decision: truck driver pay is on the rise.

Truck Driver Pay vs. Other Jobs

A recent article from CNN Money just came out with updated median pay for these 4 professions, and truck driving tops them all.

The median pay for truck drivers, according to the article, is $54,000, whereas machine operators make $36,800, construction workers earn $36,600, and maintenance workers bring in around $41,100.

What this Means

What we’re getting at by showing you this is that companies are starting to combat the truck driver shortage in various ways. All of these jobs are challenging, and require a certain type of person to perform them, but the transportation industry is starting to reward their employees for the sacrifices they make.

With increased pay, home time, and other additional benefits and incentives, trucking companies are looking into various solutions to fix the current shortage that faces the industry. If you're unfamiliar with the current state of trucking and the issues it's facing, check out our State of Trucking 2017 infographic.

You’ll be able to see the breakdown of where the industry is headed as a whole into next year. The shortage is one of the most pressing issues facing trucking, and is expected to worsen in the coming years. It’s part of the reason why we’re starting to see a positive trend in the way truckers are compensated.

Another Big Advantage

One other big advantage to getting into truck driving is that there are CDL training opportunities available to get you the start you need. Some companies are offering what's called company sponsored CDL training programs, where a carrier company will pay for a portion of your trucking tuition (which can be upwards of $6,000!). In exchange, you'll drive for them for an agreed upon amount of time following your successful completion of CDL school.

It's one of the best ways to get into trucking, because you get to train for little costs while getting the experience you need to have a long-lasting and successful career as a truck driver.

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