Training America’s Essential Workers

Doctors, Nurses, EMTs, grocery store workers...and Truck drivers. That's right even Mattel has recognized truck drivers as essential in their latest lineup of toys. 

Mattel Action Figures 

(The group on the right represents delivery drivers - check out the article by clicking the image above) 

And in order to keep these essential drivers coming into the industry, they need CDL training. At this time MOST states have deemed driver training essential. That means it's on us, Driver Solutions, to create the safest possible training environment for our students. With the COVID-19 outbreak still impacting our nation, we're taking preactions and following CDC guidelines to keep our students safe and healthy. Here are some things that we're doing:

  • Utilizing social distancing
  • Performing temperature checks
  • Wearing masks/face coverings when social distancing not possible
  • Frequent disinfecting/wiping down training equipment

Truck drivers are essential to keeping the economy moving and drivers are needed now more than ever with the demands of COVID-19. If you're ready to get into an industry that is critical in a time of crisis, you can get started today by filling out an application here. Know that we're following best practices and CDC guidelines at our training location. If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to us on the Driver Solutions Facebook page.

We want to thank truck drivers everywhere and all of the students that are getting trained to earn their CDL license to help in the fight against COVID-19. #ThankATrucker #HighwayHeroes