Top 5 Trucking Videos from 2020

2020; a year that many of us would like to forget. With all the lows that came with the year, there were many highs, especially for truck drivers. Truck drivers were really able to shine and finally got some much-needed respect from the general public as the nation realized how essential drivers were during the pandemic.

When looking back on 2020 and our 103 YouTube videos published throughout the year, the statistics show how much truck drivers were in demand. Many of you were doing your homework on multiple topics including; one of our partner companies; PAM Transport, the news on autonomous trucks, passing your pre-trip inspections, AND how to best organize your semi-truck.

The 2020 Year In Review - YouTube Video style. These are the TOP 5 YouTube videos from last year:

  1. Truth About PAM Transport Haters - Driver Solutions & PAM Transport
  2. #1 Tip to PASS the CDL Pre-Trip Inspection
  3. Semi-Truck Organization & Storage Ideas
  4. Don't You Work For PAM Transport?
  5. 3 Reasons Why Autonomous Trucks Will Never Work - Driver Solutions & PAM Transport

YouTube videos continue to be some of the best resources to learn any and everything about the trucking industry, and being a truck driver.

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