Top Truck Driving News This Week

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Here are the 3 most important trucking headlines we think are essential for you to know:

This single mother makes six figures driving a truck during the coronavirus


April Coolidge had spent many years working in the real estate business when the recession hit she was left with a decision, she decided to get into trucking. Her father was a truck driver and she remembered that he was able to provide for his family and live a good life. Now, "eight years later as the coronavirus shuts down the economy, she is making more money than she ever did selling houses" (CNBC). April works for Walmart Transportation and drives a 2016 Freightliner, she loves it! Click the link below to watch the video about April and how to Coronavirus has actually made her make more money than she ever has before!!!

The video can be found here!

Truckers Recognized at White House’s ‘Salute to America’

By Summer Smith

Many truck drivers from several different states were asked to arrive at the White House on the Fourth Of July for the 'Salute to America' celebration. This was a quote said by Chris Spear, the president and CEO of ATA, “While we as a country take time to celebrate our freedoms today, we appreciate that Americans — from the president on down — are continuing to recognize our industry’s important role in supporting our frontline responders, while continuing to deliver to stores, homes, and markets across the country” (Summer Smith).  According to a press release that came out, these are the truckers and companies that were being celebrated there:

  • "Baylor Trucking Inc.: Steffen Schulz;
  • Cargo Transporters Inc.: Richard Miller;
  • Holland: Herschel Evans;
  • B. Hunt Transport Services Inc.: Rodney Taggart;
  • J&M Tank Lines Inc.: Darrien Hendersen;
  • Triple G Express Inc.: Byron Coleman;
  • USA Truck Inc.: Jon Yeager;
  • US Xpress Inc.: Karen and Richard Black (a husband and wife team); and
  • YRC Freight – Steve Fields" (Summer Smith).

To learn more about this celebration, click here!

Enforcement Blitz Begins Next Week

By Summer Smith

There is a weeklong enforcement blitz that begins on July 12th and ends on July 18th. "Law enforcement agents will be increasing patrols on the lookout for unsafe driving behaviors performed by both commercial vehicle drivers and passenger vehicle drivers" (Summer Smith). And for the second year in a row, there will be a big emphasis on speeding. In last year's Safe Driver Week, "commercial vehicle drivers were issued 1,454 citations and 2,126 warnings for speeding" (Summer Smith). That's a crazy large amount for just a week! There will also be law enforcement out looking for other types of unsafe drivers such as; distracted drivers, intoxicated, following too closely, etc.

To see some of the states in the U.S.'s data on increased dangerous drivers since COVID-19, click here!

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