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Here are the 4 most important trucking headlines we think are essential for you to know:

10-4, good buddy: Truckers honor Indiana driver with brain cancer

By Associated Press

An Indiana truck driver, Jon K., has been suffering from brain cancer. This past week, trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc rolled through the Indiana town to show their respects to their fellow trucker. "The drivers wanted to show their respect for Jon K., who sat in a wheelchair and watched a parade of dozens of vehicles pass his home Saturday in South Whitley, WANE-TV reported. The drivers also raised money for Kuckuck's wife, Tami" (Associated Press).

It is awesome to see such support that other truckers have for one another, hoping for a steady recovery soon for Jon K. to be back out OTR in no time! 

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Covid-19 testing coming to select truck stops

By Summer Smith

A new program is bringing COVID-19 testing to truck stops for truck drivers to get tested. This is happening through a partnership with DriverCheck! "The pilot program will allow truck drivers to access voluntary testing on a first-come, first-served basis at locations where there is high volume truck traffic, including Kitchener and Ayr, as well as a mobile option. DriverCheck will roll out the project in phases beginning July 8 until September 8, 2020." (Summer Smith).

This will give an easy way for truckers to get tested without having to take time off work or to go home to their family doctor! Convenience for truck drivers is key.

To learn more about these testing areas, click here!

CVSA says Brake Safety Week 2020 will proceed

By Summer Smith

The CVSA announced this past week that despite the Coronavirus, the Brake Safety Week for this year will continue to proceed. This will be week-long enforcements for on the road safety and is scheduled to take place August 23rd-29th! 

During this brake safety week, it's said they will be "checking brake system components is always part of the roadside inspection process; however, inspectors will be paying special attention to brake hoses/tubing during this year’s Brake Safety Week to highlight the importance of those components to vehicle mechanical fitness and safety,” the CVSA states" (Summer Smith). With brakes being one of the most important parts of vehicles, it is important that this safety week continues on for years to come.

To learn more about the brake safety week, click here! 

180K Freightliners recalled for brake defect that could cause ‘sudden change in vehicle direction’

By Ashley

"Daimler Trucks North America has issued a massive recall of more than 180,000 trucks for a brake defect that could increase the risk of a crash" (Ashley). 

"According to recall notice, “On certain vehicles, chemical corrosion could affect the functionality of the single brake modulator valve, which may result in slow-release timing of brakes on the affected side … A slow release of the brake on one side during an active brake request (i.e. automatic braking events) could lead to a brake pull resulting in a sudden change in vehicle direction due to uneven braking on the front axle increasing the risk of a motor vehicle crash" (Ashley). 

It is said that Daimler will notify you by mail if you drive/own one of these specific models to get it brought into the shop to get fixed. 

"Truck owners with questions about the recall can contact Daimler Trucks North America customer service at 1-800-547-0712 and reference recall number FL-855" (Ashley).

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