The Importance Of Sleep As A Trucker

Looking to get into trucking? Have some questions on how sleep works solo or team driving?

Watch the video below as Trucker Queen, Charlie shares her thoughts and experiences on the importance of a good night of sleep while out on the road. 

WATCH: The Importance Of A Good Nights Sleep As A Truck Driver

Team Driving - Respecting Your Other Driver

Truck drivers are on the road for hours on end, not getting enough sleep can really affect your performance and can become dangerous when you're behind the wheel. When it comes to team driving, as Charlie talks about in the video, it is extremely important to respect your co-driver. This means when it's their time to sleep, make sure you aren't blaring music, singing loud, swerving all over or anything else that might make them wake up and disrupt sleep. Most team drivers split their time to when they feel most comfortable driving. Charlie said that when she and her sister, Nicole would team drive, she would drive 6 pm-6 am and then switch off.  That's because Charlie felt more comfortable driving at night and was able to sleep just fine during the day.  

Solo Driving & Comfort

When solo driving, some like to get their day done, take their 10 hour break, and then head back out. Charlie, however, has an internal clock and she likes to try and stay within her natural sleep pattern to get better sleep. She drives at night and usually sleeps during the day. This is ultimately up to you, as long as you can get that good sleep and are ready when you wake up to hit the road! When it comes to mattresses - truck drivers have their own preference. Charlie kept the one that came with her truck and just bought a few of the foam pieces to put on top of it. Others will go out and buy a new one for better sleep. It is all up to you! All in all, getting good sleep can be the only thing to make your drive easier. Nothing is worse than fighting to stay awake. If you don't think you can make it, pull over and take a nap, no load is more important than your life. Stay safe out there drivers & don't forget to catch those Z's!

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