Thank You, Truckers!

Our Thankful For Trucking 2-Week Long Giveaway Is Officially Over.

We would like to thank all of the truckers who participated, we are thankful for what you do each and every day. The giveaway was simple. All truckers needed to do was leave a comment on our social post why THEY are thankful for trucking. We had so many great responses that we felt like we needed to share a few of our favorites with you!

Why Are YOU Thankful For Trucking?

"I am thankful to all who give so much of themselves to spend time on the road away from family to deliver anything a person could want or need. It takes a special person to deal with the frustrations at point A all the way to delivery and back. Love the smile on kids' faces as they pull the imaginary air horn and it comes to life when the real trucker pulls his. Without knowing it, that trucker may have just encouraged a kid to follow in a trucker's footsteps." - Wendy O.

"I'm thankful for trucking for several reasons. The first I can think of is because as a kid I got to bond with my dad over trucking because he would take me out on the road with him. I'm thankful for trucking because it provides me and my family with a comfortable financial way of life. I'm thankful for trucking because it is America's backbone." - Jimmy D.

"I am thankful for being part of the reason of keeping America moving, I am thankful to be able to get out of financial struggles, I am thankful I get to see the whole country, I am thankful to be apart of an industry that’s full of some of the nicest welcoming people I’ve met!" - Jonathan P.

"I am thankful for truck driving because it will allow me to give my wife and kids the life they deserve and being able to see places I never thought possible. Thank you Driver Solutions for helping me make my goal a reality." Danny T.

"Becoming a truck driver has given me the opportunity to change my life and sense of freedom that I would never experience working under someone else's thumb." - Scott W.

"I'm thankful to be a truck driver because now I'm able to help put food on my mom's table who is suffering from RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). And can send her money to help with any bills she has left over. I'm thankful because of my new GF/fiance because without her helping me I wouldn't be here where I am today. I'm thankful for the trucker life because now I have a 3rd family." - Walt T.

The trucking lifestyle is not for everyone and we are so thankful for each and every one of you who help put food on our tables and clothes on our backs. Safe travel and we hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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