How To Choose - Team Vs. Solo Truck Driving

Knowing ahead of time what you might prefer, before getting into CDL Training school, can be very beneficial. There are many differences between driving solo or team... And Matt From Bonafide Trucking is here to tell you those exact differences and help you decide which one, team or solo, is the best for you!

WATCH: Team Vs. Solo Driving - Which Is Better?

Team Truck Driving

Although team driving means more miles, which in the end means more money for you... It also means sharing the space in the big rig with another person. Think of it as spending your freshmen year of college in a dorm room with a person you've (possibly) never met before. Not knowing if they are a clean person, how much stuff they will bring on the truck, what music they like to listen to, their hobbies, etc. Although there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to team driving, there are a lot of pros in deciding on team driving. Like I said earlier, more miles = more pay, you have a companion always... As Matt says in the video, two heads are better than one. One of you might be better or have more experience is backing, vice versa. This can help to always have someone there to give advice in situations that you might not be as comfortable in.

Solo Truck Driving

With solo driving, you aren't able to run as many miles, but you have the luxury of the big rig being all to yourself. You don't have to worry about leaving space for another person, and can drive/stop whenever you'd like. You are able to listen to any music you'd like without having to worry about your team driver sleeping, etc. But when situations come up where another opinion would help, you are on your own. Don't get me wrong, if you're struggling with something and another trucker is around, they will more than likely help you. But if you have a teammate they would be there no matter what to help you in any situation.

The decision is ultimately up to your preference; would you prefer to have someone there to travel with you or do you like to travel and make your own schedule without having to take another person into account. Whichever you choose, be sure that it's the one that you are fully comfortable with! 

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