Team Driving 101

There are a lot of unknowns that come with a new trucking career. Including those that come with choosing to go with team driving. Team truck driving is not for everyone, and it is important to know what you're getting into and some tips to help you be the best teammate out there!

WATCH: Team Driving 101

How To Have A Successful Time Team Driving: As Matt explains in the video, once you become a team driver, you are entering into a relationship with that other person. Just like any other relationship, all rules apply. Respecting your co-driver is the most important thing! Matt talks about one person being the alpha in all relationships - not meaning that person is better than you, it just means they have more of the essential skills. How do you decide who is alpha in the relationship? Potentially better people skills, more experience driving, whoever can drive longer hours, etc. Don't forget that not being the alpha of the team doesn't make you any less important. You still bring experience and skills that will be needed the be successful! 

Make Schedules
Making schedules is extremely important... Do you or your teammate prefer to drive at night? Set the times that you will drive and your teammate will drive, as well as times where you take breaks or shut down. Scheduling is a must for team driving!

Establish Boundaries
Establishing boundaries is needed as well, and knowing when your co-driver is asleep being respectful of that time they need to get ready to take the wheel once your shift is over. Matt talks about in the video how they never played music when one or the other just got done driving for hours. 

Matt gave a lot of great pointers on how to have a successful team member - Do you have other suggestions?

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