A Closer Look - Taxes & Trucking

Tax time is among us, and Trucker G is here to give you all the ins and outs when it comes to taxes and trucking. 

Watch this video of Trucker G sharing his insight on tax season and what to look out for as a truck driver.

WATCH: A Closer Look - Taxes & Trucking

Taxes As A Trucker

Trucker G has his own opinions when it comes to filing taxes as a truck driver. And with many years of experience, one thing he outlines in the video is suggesting giving the government less money, although, some people prefer to overpay than to owe money. This is his opinion, as there are those that prefer to do it in other ways. Not only that, but he pinpoints how this year the government is really cracking down on people who owe taxes, so to be really careful when filing and dealing with the IRS.

Now on to the part that we all dread, knowing what you can write off. These are just a few items you may not know about: ice, tools, cleaning supplies, toiletries, showers, plus much more can be written off. Trucker G also points out that satellite TVs, radios, and cell phones would be considered a write-off! He suggests getting with a tax professional to get the full refund you can while not missing a beat when it comes to all things tax-related. He gives contact information to reach out to Jay Sawyer - Tax Professional. He can be reached at 646-327-7904 or by email at jd@thepatriotgrouphq.com.

Want To Know Other Items You Can Write Off?

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