6 Must Read CDL Training Reviews

Considering CDL training? Starting a new trucking career is a big step. And big steps can be both exciting and scary. One thing that always helps is hearing from students who have recently been through our truck driver training program. That's why we make it a point to get feedback from our students regularly. It allows us to help calm nerves, praise staff members for a job well done, and identify areas we can improve.

Take a look at 6 recent reviews that came in from CDL training students who attended the Driver Solutions training program...

Recent CDL Training Student Reviews

"Great service quick an reliable training!! Pleasure working with you as well in the future I will and have referred my friends and family about Driver Solutions!!" - Christopher D.

"I am very pleased with your CDL program and to be specific, kudos to Joanne she did very good during my process and a very big thank you to the Driver solutions family." - Darlington P.

"The school is well planned out and easy to learn. The staff is helpful and I will recommend anyone that wants to be a professional driver to apply. Thanks." - Kevin B.

"The school exceeded my expectations. All of the instructors exceeded my expectations. Perry Emmett is a very effective trainer. Jeremy was also very effective. Gerald as well. Everybody I dealt with in the classroom and on the range was professional and effective with the exception of Lori. I did write a statement regarding an incident that took place with Lori and gave it to Tommy. All in all, I don't think I've ever been around a more friendly and professional group of people. That includes Melvin Tommy Keith Angie Melinda Ms Jackie Tim and a few others whose names have escaped me. Thank you all for giving me what I need so that I can have the kind of future that I need." - David D.

"Yes, everything was great. The instructors Ray, Kelly, Eric and Tim who I had the privilege of being trained by them taught me all of what I needed to know to be successful. Randy is also a great instructor in the classroom. He really put you in position to pass your knowledge test for permits. It was great. Emily too was very cordial and professional. I also would like to commend the office of FTA for being patient with me and the our classroom. This experience will stick with me for life!" - Keymonte A.

"The whole staff in the front office is absolutely wonderful. Mrs julie make sure you do what's needed to be done. If it wasn’t for Jeff I would not have graduated he was always busy but if you needed help he would stop what he was doing to make sure I was taken care of, something he didn't have to do. Mr Batts has got to be the most knowledgeable person I have ever met. That guys is old but remembers everything, I could sit and listen to him talk all day. Ray was a tough cookie but for all the right reasons he is actually saving lives out there. He is a very passionate person and loves what he does. David was my personal favorite because his method of teaching takes away all of your anxiety. Kelly was great as well his lid back approach helped a lot. Wes was the coolest dude there not a care in the world. I didn't think he could get upset as many mistakes I made backing. Not one time did he raise his voice or even get upset. I could go on for days about FTA. I think I went to school with no friends at all but left with at least 12 brothers that was the greatest feeling out of the whole ordeal." - Raymond B.

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