Step 3 To Acing Your CDL Exam

When you are beginning your journey to earning your CDL license, the first step is to pass your written exam. When was the last time you took a test? Test-taking can take a lot of preparation and can be very nerve-racking if you haven't taken one in years. If that is the case, you will soon learn that a lot more goes into passing your test than showing up at the DMV or license branch and acing it on the first try. There are many that struggle to do just that. 

At Driver Solutions, we provide all students with a CDL practice test to help you be fully prepared on test day. But even with the material you need to succeed, there is more that goes into passing that test. Knowing the exact study habits that work best for you can go a long way. An amazing way to get prepared is to hear from an experienced truck driver who went through everything you are about to - and see what worked best for them.

This is the last part of a 3 part series on Preparing for and Passing the CDL Tests. Below, we have another video from Big Matt from Bonafide Trucking. In this third video, Matt is going to give some tips that helped him NOT fail the exam on the first try. Let’s get started…

WATCH: CDL Test Day – How To NOT Fail The Exam

Matt from Bonafide Trucking gives great advice on how to NOT fail the exams! 

After studying for weeks and following the advice that Matt from Bonafide Trucking gave us leading up to TEST DAY, you should feel prepared as ever! Matt has a strategy that will help you pass each of the tests with flying colors. The strategy he is talking about is the SKIP button. Out of the 50 questions you MUST get 40 of them right. You do not have to answer any of the questions that first pop up, the only questions you should answer when you first sit down are the answers you know right off the bat. If you have any doubt in the answer, skip the question, you will be able to come back to it anytime. After you answer all the questions you are for sure about, go back to the ones that you were about 70% sure about. Once you do those, go to the ones you aren't sure about and by that time, you should have gotten the 40 needed to be correct, correct!

Matt brings up that you DO NOT have to take all three of the tests back to back. Take some breaks, you can go get some water, get some fresh air, or eat some snacks. Or, if the rules are like Matt's home state, you can even come back the next day to take the next test. Be sure to ask or research to know how your state's rules work. Please reach out to Matt if these video series helped YOU pass your CDL exam on the first try! He can be reached on his Facebook page, Its Deeper Than Trucking.

If you are ready to take the first step to earn your CDL license... Apply today!