Some Good Trucking News - Week 8

We can't believe October is about to be over! We are hoping that the rest of these months in 2020 bring joy, good news, and good health to all! I don't know about you, but I'm ready for 2020 to be over!!! One of the biggest things that have helped me get through these tough times is our weekly post in our trucking Facebook group, RoadWarriors! This post asks truckers to share some AWESOME, POSITIVE NEWS that has happened to them or someone they know in the last week or so!!

Well, after TONS of comments, it goes to show that we aren't the only ones looking for some positive news. As it turns out, there are so many amazing, beautiful things happening in the world that simply get overlooked. Especially in the trucking community. It's time we shine a light on it now! Take a look at our favorites from this week... SOME GOOD TRUCKING NEWS from RoadWarrior truckers themselves...

“I got released to go back to work after a back injury. Looking foward to climbing back up in my truck." - Mike D.

"FINALLY got sole custody of my granddaughter (courts suck), but she is now 100% mine and I can now move forward with ours lives!!! GOD IS GOOD!" - Robin L.

"Closed on my new home." - Darrell P. 

"Passed my hazmat test on the first try!" - Galen K.

"Took a day trip to the north Rim of the grand Canyon with my youngest son on Monday. We had a great time!" - Tereece G.

"Got to see my kids after being out for 48 days!" - Michael A.

"After being severely injured in a Truck wreck in May of 2013, l passed my DOT Physical on. 9-29-2020, l didn't do it to necessarily get back into Truckin, which l may do,not sure yet,more to prove to myself,l could do it by my own health and fitness program!!" - Ray M.

"I found out I’m going to be a daddy again!!! Only hard part is being on the road and wanting to be home to kiss my beautiful wife and her belly. But I’ll be home soon." - Steve D.

Don't you just feel so much better after reading those? It's like the stress and the weight gets lifted after hearing about good things that have been happening for others!

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