Some Good Trucking News - Week 7

We can't believe October is halfway through in this crazy, challenging season we're all going through.  We are hoping that the rest of these months in 2020 bring joy, good news, and good health to all! I don't know about you, but I'm ready for 2020 to be over!!! One of the biggest things that is helping me get through these tough times is our weekly post in our trucking Facebook group, RoadWarriors! This post asks truckers to share some AWESOME, POSITIVE NEWS that has happened to them or someone they know in the last week or so!!

Well, after TONS of comments, it goes to show that we are not the only ones craving good news. As it turns out, there are so many amazing, beautiful things happening in the world that simply get overlooked. Especially in the trucking community. It's time we shine a light on it now! Take a look at our favorites from this week... SOME GOOD TRUCKING NEWS from RoadWarrior truckers themselves...

“My daughter is doing real good in school this year, im proud." - Johnny T.

"Husband survived a stroke." - Heather S.

"I get the opportunity to see my sister who is special-needs. She's moving to Florida so I'm flying to California to drive her to Florida." - Jazzy F. 

"Just got a newer car, and a motorcycle!!" - Carl D.

"My first and what will be my only grandbaby was born - Fisher!!" - Carolyn H.

"Getting released from the doctor after 11 months of being off work," - Johnny D.

"7 years with a new liver doing GREAT!" - John L.

"Lost 30 lbs in 3 months eating keto diet." - David H.

"Our "dream house" may so be a reality house!" - Angel H.

"Another driver witnessed me having a whole meltdown in the Love's truck stop, and aside from what 2020 has told us is okay and isn't okay she just grabbed me and hugged me! I genuinely needed it! I love our trucker bond!" - Mandie M.

"I recently became a great great uncle." - Bob Y.

"Got custody of my son and he's riding with me." - William M.

Don't you just feel so much better after reading those? It's like the stress and the weight gets lifted after hearing about good things that have been happening for others!

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