Some Good Trucking News - Week 4

Who is ready to hear some GREAT, POSITIVE NEWS?! In our Facebook trucking group, RoadWarriors, we ask our drivers weekly for them to share some awesome news that has happened to them or someone they know in the past week. You know, something AWESOME and POSITIVE.

In the world today, NEGATIVE NEWS seems to consume us. We figured it was about time for something different. Well, after some great comments, it goes to show that we are not alone. As it turns out, there are so many beautiful things happening in the world that simply get overlooked. Especially in the trucking community. It's time we shine a light on it now! Take a look at SOME GOOD TRUCKING NEWS...

“The sun came up for another day and still breathing." - Gary D.

"The guy showed up at 7 this morning and had my windshield replaced in less than an hour! I love efficient service." - Richard W.

"I got to have a video call with my whole family. There were 8 of us on the screen at a time and we took turns so everyone got to see everyone. So awesome haven't seen most of them for at least 12 years." - Terracee J.

"My wife and I celebrated our 14th anniversary." - Larry D.

"Spent the day at the zoo with my daughter." - Will P.

"Last friday me and another driver helped a stranded driver get from dallas back to alabama with a plane ticket home. Complete stranger to us both and both of us blessed enough to be able to help him out! Thank ya Lord!" - Michael L.

We love the POSITIVE news that is shared weekly, it keeps us smiling as this year continues to be a downer. If you want to join in on the weekly fun, be sure to join our RoadWarriors Facebook group by clicking here!