Some Good Trucking News - Week 3

Who's ready to hear some AWESOME, POSITIVE NEWS?! In our Facebook trucking group, RoadWarriors, we ask our drivers weekly for them to share some awesome news that has happened to them or someone they know in the past week. You know, something NICE and POSITIVE.

In today's world, NEGATIVE NEWS seems to consume us. We figured it was about time for something different. Well, after some amazing comments, it goes to show that we are not alone. As it turns out, there are so many beautiful things happening in the world that simply get overlooked. Especially in the trucking community. It's time we shine a light on it now! Take a look at SOME GOOD TRUCKING NEWS...

“A small restaurant in my hometown that I used to go to is struggling because of covid. Got a hold of the owner yesterday and donated 500 so he could bring in the less fortunate and feed me and make a few bucks. Felt really good to help.” - Clifton S.

“I started the Facebook group #truckerstrong that is actually staying 100% positive and has no political posts or company posts strictly about drivers and our respect and the general community is also involved so we are outreach into the public also.” - JT P.

“I was selected and honored as owner/operator of the year for the company I'm leased to... I call it my "congratulations, you have no life" award.” - Richard W.

“Since I’ve started driving I have lost almost 100 lbs.” - Sean O.

“Had a police officer check on me through the night after having to shut down in a Chicago area Walmart the night before last. Told him my clock situation and he was more concerned for my safety than where I was parked.” - Becky C.

Hearing all these amazing stories gives us hope that there are still good things happening in this world. If you have similar stories or ones you would like to tell us, please share by joining our RoadWarriors Facebook group!