USA Truck Gave Me A Solid Foundation for My Dream Career

Starting A Truck Driving Career

We first introduced John K. on our blog back in October of 2013 when he was about 8 months into his truck driving job with USA Truck.  Prior to starting truck driving school, John had never been in, or opened the door of an 18-wheeler (semi tractor trailer).  Fast forward to now and John has had quite the start to his truck driving career - completing his first year with USA Truck and being able to take advantage of some other great opportunities that came his way.  Take a look at what all he has been able to do...

"Driver Solutions and C1 Truck Driver Training gave me a solid foundation for my dream career. I graduated 2/8/13 and did my year with USA Truck. I then got involved with promotional driving where I spent 6 months driving Lady Gaga's charity RV following her around the country displaying it at the front doors of all of her concerts.

Then I drove the North Face Airstream for 3 months promoting their new jackets at North Face stores all over the U.S. Now, I finally get to jump back into a Rig (2015 Peterbilt Anniversary Pride and Class) that is in the process of being stretched into a mobile showroom to do a 6 month tour promoting Husky Tools for The Home Depot. THANK YOU Driver Solutions and C1 for getting me started!!!"

From Golf Pro To Restaurant Owner To Trucker

Prior to becoming a truck driver, John had worked as a golf pro and even gained some valuable experience as a restaurant owner.  While both of these were good jobs, something was still missing.  John wasn't getting to play golf as much as he wanted being a pro and the money just wasn't what he thought it would be as a restaurant owner...especially during the recession. 

Shortly after quitting his job, John's friend who was a musician asked him to go on tour and help with merchandise.  It wasn't long after that he realized his love for travel and began thinking about truck driving jobs.  As John said, "when the tour was over, I was looking for something to do. I was searching around on the internet and saw USA Truck’s job posting saying they’d pay for my CDL if I’d come drive for them. So I signed up, and that’s my background. I wasn’t ready to give up the traveling and settle down."

Lady Gaga Truck

Truck Driving Jobs Lead To Trucking Careers

The key part to understand in John's story is that he had to start somewhere to get the experience.  Opportunities to drive with Lady Gaga and work alongside North Face would have never existed had John not built a solid foundation. 

This is what Driver Solutions is all about - turning truck driving jobs into long lasting trucking careers.  While going to truck driving school and getting a CDL was the entry point to a solid truck driving job with USA Truck, it was also the start of a career in the industry.  And not just any career, a career that John truly loves!

Husky Semi Truck

Ready To Start Your Dream Career?

All great careers start with a solid foundation.  Driver Solutions can help you get started. With our free CDL training program (must drive with sponsor trucking company for one year), students can learn the skills needed to become a professional truck driver and start earning a paycheck in less than one month. 

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