Should I Bring A Pet On The Truck With Me?

Having a companion when driving long miles can help the big open road seem a lot less lonely. They also can make you feel safer; especially if you drive solo. However, having a pet over-the-road with you depends on your companies policies. See what Trucker G and Mrs. G have to say when asked " Should I Bring A Pet On My Truck With Me?".

WATCH: Should I Bring A Pet On My Truck?

Company policies: Before you bring a pet on the road with you, it's important to know the guidelines your company has in place. Some companies do not allow a pet on the truck with you, and others have a weight limit on pets. For example, a company may allow you to have a pet but the weight restriction is set at 10 pounds! Also, you need to look into if you have to put a deposit down for any damage a pet might make in your big rig. As Trucker G says in the video if you own your own rig, it is up to you what size pet you bring into your truck with you and you're the one taking the risk.

Companionship: Mrs. G talks about how pets are great for truck drivers to have as a companion. She tells a story about a trucker who has a cat and named it Jim Crow - even cats can do well-riding over-the-road! Driving solo especially can make you feel safer with a pet on the truck. Trucker G and Mrs. G bring up a good point in the video on how pets can be protective over their homes and will consider the truck as just that. They talk about how their pups get protective when they're asleep or if they see someone approaching the truck they don't know. Feeling protected on the road has got to be one of the best feelings!

Space in the truck: Another thing to think about when looking at bringing a pet on board with you is the amount of space you have in your big rig. Especially if your company doesn't have a weight restriction and you are looking to bring on a larger sized companion! Make sure that you can fit all of your necessary items, as well as your pets, with enough space for all of you to live out of the big rig.

The company of a pet is always a great thing to have whether you are out over-the-road or not, check back in to see the next road of pet videos from Trucker G and Mrs. G!