How to: Search and Find Trucking Jobs

Your search for truck driving jobs is an extensive and detailed process, and it can be difficult to find all the resources you need to make the right decision. So many people tell you so many different things, that it’s oftentimes easy to get lost in your search.

But when you come to Driver Solutions your search starts, and ends, with us.

We’ve got every resource you need, right on our website.

Whether it's getting information on the truck driving school training process, finding available opportunities near you, or everything you need to know about PAM Transport employment opportunities, we've got it covered.

Search Truck Driving Jobs

While most PAM Transport employment opportunities are for over the road trucking, there are also some opportunities for dedicated and regional routes. The Driver Solutions' website offers you an interactive experience with various ways to help your search for truck driving jobs nearby.

Whether it’s finding a location on our map:

Looking through our state list:

Or by typing in a specific search:

The Search Process

Choosing one of these 3 ways will take you to a specific state's job opportunities page, where you'll be able to learn more about specific job AND training opportunities near you.

From there, you can choose to apply with Driver Solutions, where one of our Driver Agents will be able to help you determine your eligibility for our company-sponsored training program.

They will also answer any questions you might have about the job and training opportunities available near you, or anything you might be wondering about truck driving in general.

Get on the Road Today!

Driver Solutions can help you get the CDL training you need to become a truck driver.  Start your career now and you could be on the road making up to $50,000 in just the first year!  Just take a few moments to complete our online driver application now

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Truck Driver Job Description

Also available on our website is a truck driver job description. Here, you’ll be able to learn more about what types of truck driving jobs there are, and what to expect out of each of them. That way you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into, and learn that truck driving really isn’t just a job, but a lifestyle.

Truck Drivers Wanted

Hopefully by now, you’ve learned that there’s a serious shortage of truck drivers throughout the industry. If you need to see for your own eyes, take a look at the graphic below:

(Source: American Trucking Association's "Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2015)

There’s no better time than right now to get into the industry to help keep America rolling. Currently, truck drivers are wanted by PAM Transport for various truck driving jobs across the United States.

Whether you're a brand new truck driver who still needs to get your Class A CDL, or a veteran of the road looking for a better career opportunity, PAM Transport has openings for all levels of drivers.

To see how you can get your Class A CDL and get your truck driving career started off the right way through our company-sponsored CDL training program, visit this page.

To view current experienced job openings, click here.

PAM Transport Employment

PAM Transport employment opportunities are endless, even in your first year of truck driving. Whether you’re just beginning your career or looking for a place to continue to grow professionally as a driver, PAM is the ideal company to drive for.

For example: in your first year at PAM you can become a Driver Mentor, an Owner Operator, or even drive Team HazMat. All 3 of these opportunities help you to maximize your income.

You might be wondering how that's possible...well, when you:

  • Drive Team HazMat - Employees have the opportunity to drive HazMat freight as a team which earns them more pay per mile than a general driver.
  • Become a Driver Mentor - Driver Mentors get paid to help new PAM drivers get real on the road experience.
  • Become an Owner Operator - Purchase a rig, and run your own business!

Needless to say, when you drive for PAM, you're opening up a world of opportunities that can give you various types of truck driving experience.

What's Holding You Back?

What's stopping you from making the best career decision for you and your family? PAM Transport and Driver Solutions offer you the best opportunity to not only get your Class A CDL, but to also get the experience you need in a truck driving job with PAM Transport. Get on the road to a great new career today by applying online!

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