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There are many Facebook groups out there involving trucking news, accidents, etc. but we can promise YOU that you will not find another group like the RoadWarriors on Facebook.

Watch this video of Trucker G and Mrs. G sharing their thoughts and feelings on why RoadWarriors is such a unique group for truck drivers.

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RoadWarriors Facebook Group

RoadWarriors is a group that was made for truckers at all companies, in all stages of their career, to be able to feel comfortable and accepted. There's a lot of Facebook groups out there for truck drivers to join, but none are anything like RoadWarriors. As Trucker G says in the video, he is able to answer questions when you ask on his page... But he isn't accessible 24 hours a day to do so. When you are a member of RoadWarriors, you will have plenty of drivers to help you out because they all drive on such different schedules. We have over 5,000 members (and growing) that will help you out with advice at any time of the day. It is a place where no question is a dumb question, where you will never get belittled or feel attacked, where you feel as though the other members are family. We have admin and moderators on the page who will delete posts and boot people if they post anything about politics, gender, race, etc. It is a place for old school comradery that we all have been missing lately!

Here's what some of our current RoadWarrior members have to say about why they love this group:

"The ability to share and teach new drivers, support that is shown to everyone regardless of how long they've been driving, it feels like one big family." - Kevin F.

"Good clean group. No one trying to tear anyone down. The other trucker groups are waiting for someone to screw up so they can make fun of them. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. It doesn't mean they should be plastered all over social media. That's one thing I don't see here and I appreciate that. I've been out here for 18 years but I learn new stuff all the time. My dad told me when I got into it 18 years ago, that if you ever think you know everything there is to know about trucking, then it's time to get out of it because you'll end up getting yourself killed or kill someone else. He retired last year after 42 years, and he will tell you that up to the day he retired, he was always learning something new. Never be scared to ask a question, no matter what it is. The dumbest questions are the ones never asked." - Jason S.

"Good positive group. Not all the bashing that happens on other pages."  - James L.

"The support we all have towards each other!" - Chris H.

"Not a lot of political talks. Just folks talking and sharing trucker related stuff. It’s kind of a relief." - Russel J.

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