RoadWarriors Celebrates 10,000 Members

Awhile back, Driver Solutions set out to create a Facebook group that was unlike any other.  Many of the other truck driving groups on Facebook had turned into places full of negativity and complaints; rather than positive environments full of camaraderie and helpful messages. We could see that the vast majority of truck drivers wanted something different. That's when RoadWarriors was born! 

RoadWarriors, is a trucking group where truck drivers can join and feel comfortable to ask questions, give advice, and have friendly trucker comradery. We're proud to announce that just last week, RoadWarriors hit its 10,000 group members! This clearly shows that truck drivers are wanting something different and a group that unites rather than divides one another.   

With the excitement of reaching such a large number, we want to continue expanding and sharing our group with fellow truckers, trucker wives, trucker families, etc. Each member of our group brings a unique insight on the industry, whether they have been trucking for 20+ years or are in their first year, there's value to be added to the group by all.

Here are some of our favorite comments about the RoadWarriors group, from members themselves:

"I can get advice from other drivers and never be judged by any of those drivers the support is real." - June B.

"Good positive group. Not all the bashing that happens on other pages." - James L.

"Everyone is here to help each other! Plus everyone is super friendly. Even the Super Truckers." - Danny B.

If you're looking for a trucking group that provides support, you won't find a more positive experience than RoadWarriors.  Go here to join us today!